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DSS Special Agent Tom Lugo (left) and National Latino Peace Officers Association National President Cindy Rodriguez (right) at the organization's 2017 training conference in Kansas City, Kansas, October 11 -14, 2017. (U.S. Department of State photo)

“I was honored to share the unique mission of the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) in its role domestically and abroad,” said DSS Special Agent Tom Lugo about the 2017 National Latino Peace Officers Association (NLPOA) Training Conference.

The DS Diversity Working Group selected Lugo to represent DSS at the conference held in Kansas City, Kansas, October 11 -14, 2017. Lugo noted that most of the law enforcement officers he spoke with had never heard of DSS.

“During my interactions with attendees, I emphasized our goal of recruiting highly qualified and diverse candidates capable of and dedicated to meeting current and emerging mission needs,” said Lugo. He networked with the goal of building professional relationships with state and local police officers and educating them about DSS investigations.

NLPOA was founded in the early 1970s in California with a mission to promote equality and professionalism among Latinos in law enforcement careers. The association’s goals are to prevent and reduce Latino juvenile delinquency and lessen neighborhood and police tensions in Latino communities. The organization focuses on educating communities about police initiatives using bilingual assistance in public meetings and community service.

Annually, the NLPOA conference brings together Latinos in law enforcement careers to provide training on personal and professional development. Throughout the three-day conference, NLPOA hosts guest speakers and panelists who discuss issues confronting Latinos and law enforcement officers.

“NLPOA is working hard to bring together Latinos and non-Latino attendees from across the country to build better relationships with the communities where law enforcement officers serve,” said Lugo. “I found the conference informative and a great opportunity to network and build professional relationships with other agents and officers in law enforcement agencies.”

“The conference helped me realize and appreciate the extensive training I receive at DSS,” said Lugo “Participation in these types of meetings provides a chance to build on our outreach to help ensure that DSS continues to expand our commitment to diversity within our organization.”

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