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U.S. Marshals and officers from the San Jose and San Francisco police departments conduct protective security measures using standard DSS procedures.

Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) special agents provide protective security details for the Secretary of State, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, visiting foreign dignitaries, for other personnel designated by the Department of State, and at some National Special Security Events, like the United Nations General Assembly in New York City.

Special agents from the DSS San Francisco Field Office (SFFO) conducted two days specialized training for federal, state and local law enforcement partners on July 9-10, 2019, in San Francisco, Calif.

During the protective security (PRS) training, DSS special agents provided DSS-specific training and information to enhance the knowledge and skills of deputies from U.S. Marshals Service and officers from the San Francisco, San Jose, and Foster City police departments.

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Designed to prepare DSS special agents to protect Department of State-designated individuals both in the United States and abroad, PRS training prepares personnel in escort details, arrivals, departures, and reaction scenarios. U.S. Marshals deputies apply this training to protect Supreme Court Justices, and local police departments, to protect elected officials and other visiting dignitaries.

“Collaborative training like this fosters continued engagement with our federal and local law enforcement partners who support DSS protection and investigative operations in greater Bay area,” said Matthew Perlman, SFFO’s special-agent-in-charge.

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