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DSS Social Media

Do you follow @statedeptdss on social media? Here are five reasons why you should!

    1. Get a behind-the-scenes look at our special agents and other DSS security personnel in action during major events such as the Olympics and World Cup
    2. See how technology supports our worldwide security operations
    3. Check out how our tactical and emergency training exercises help keep people safe around the world
    4. Be the first to learn about vacancy announcements and when and where DSS will be recruiting
    5. Stay up to date on DSS news, events, and activities happening all the time, everywhere!


Lights, camera, action! Follow us on Instagram for interesting images and videos of DSS in action. Go to @StateDeptDSS to see our people doing what we do best – helping to protect and secure U.S. diplomacy.

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Become part of the DSS family! DSS has the largest global footprint of any U.S. federal law enforcement agency, and has sustained relationships with U.S., foreign, and international partners in more than 170 countries. Our partners include international law enforcement and security organizations, NGOs, academia, and host-nation governments. Check out our Facebook page and be part of all we do worldwide!

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DSS in the news! Check us out on Twitter to get all the current happenings within DSS. Whether it is a trending news article of a fugitive we helped capture, updates on a major investigation, or other exciting DSS activities, Twitter is where you can find the latest DSS news!

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Network with us! Learn about recruitment activities and career fairs around the country and in your town and, most importantly, new job postings. You can also learn more about DSS career paths, employee culture, and much more!

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Watch history in the making! Whether it was yesterday, today or tomorrow, DSS is part of countless international historical events. Learn about our response to the 2020 bushfires in Canberra, Australia; get a firsthand perspective from a special agent on the October 2003 attack on a diplomatic motorcade near the Gaza Strip; or find out how DSS helped capture an international con artist…you’ll get to see DSS being part of history all over the world.


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This photo collection represents photos archived by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security illustrating the work and mission of the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS). You can view more photos of the Department at work by checking out the Department of State’s main Flickr account, and accounts of U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, here:

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DSS Podcast

Listen to the DSS podcast After Action: True Stories of the Diplomatic Security Service. Our special agents, engineers, technicians, and other DSS personnel give Americans insight into what really happened during some of the most historic moments in U.S. law enforcement and security history. From the terrorist bombings in East Africa to discovering bugs in U.S. embassy walls to dismantling major sex trafficking networks, listen along as we peel back the DSS curtain.

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