Promoting U.S. Higher Education to Mongolian Students

Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
August 29, 2017

Topic: Promoting U.S. Higher Education to Mongolian Students

Host: Jennifer Zimdahl Galt, U.S. Ambassador, Embassy of the United States, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Date and Time: Tuesday, August 29, 2017; 7 p.m. EDT (Wednesday, August 30, 2017; 7 a.m. local)

Brief Description of Call: More than two-thousand Mongolian students attend U.S. colleges and universities, leading to over $60 million in U.S. educational exports; however, there is much room to grow as the U.S. post-secondary education market share is only around 20 percent of the current Mongolian student market. Moreover, as Mongolians recognize the value of U.S. know-how, technology, and networks, the demand for U.S. quality education will significantly increase.

Ambassador Jennifer Zimdahl Galt invites you to join a webinar about opportunities for U.S. colleges and universities seeking to tap the Mongolian student market and understand the important factors that Mongolian students consider when deciding on their post-secondary school options.

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