Renewable Energy in Oman

Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
March 11, 2019

Topic: Renewable Energy in Oman

Host: U.S. Embassy Muscat
Introductory Remarks by: U.S. Ambassador to Oman Marc J. Sievers
Guest Speakers: Andrew Rae, Oman Power and Water Procurement, Faisal Al-Hinai from Ithraa, Oman’s investment promotion agency, and Seti Gabriel, GlassPoint Solar

Date and Time: Monday, March 11, 10 a.m. EDT (6 p.m. local)

Brief Description of Call: Oman is diversifying its energy mix by commissioning new renewables projects, with solar plants and wind farms under implementation. Oman’s objective for 2030 is to reach 10% of consumed energy from renewables, and add 3-4 gigawatts of renewable generation. Learn more about opportunities in Oman’s renewable energy sector from representatives of the government and private sector.

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