Finance and Development

Promoting the Economic Conditions to Create Jobs and Growth

Development FinanceCoordinating the State Department position on multilateral assistance projects that foster market reforms in support of sustainable development, support U.S. jobs by creating export and development opportunities for U.S. companies, and are consistent with international best practices and appropriate project due diligence.

Investment Affairs – Promoting improved investment climates worldwide so that investment can best support economic growth and development. To this end, we negotiate investment agreements, engage in bilateral and multilateral settings to promote improved investment policies, and promote greater inward investment in the United States.

Monetary Affairs – Providing relevant and timely macroeconomic content, analysis and advice, to inform and advance U.S. foreign policy goals. Specifically, the Office of Monetary Affairs is: fostering global stability and growth by promoting sound macroeconomic policy, supporting international financial institution efforts to promote market economic reforms, negotiating debt rescheduling and debt relief agreements, and promoting anti-corruption and fiscal transparency efforts.