Some Recent Experiences Regarding the US National Contact Point (NCP)

“We had a very favorable experience working with the Office of the U.S. NCP, and we would encourage others to consider the benefits of engaging in constructive dialogue through this process.”

-Carolyn K. Fisher
Vice President, Global Labor Relations, PepsiCo

“The Office of the U.S. National Contact Point (U.S. NCP) has a dedicated and responsive staff, clear procedures, and the ability to call in professional, external mediators. Recent years have seen the U.S. NCP process improve significantly in terms of functionality. The U.S. NCP has increased its potential to help civil society resolve disputes with corporations and ensure implementation of the OECD Guidelines.”

-Joseph Wilde, Coordinator of OECD Watch

"In relation to the practical and professional application of the Guidelines through the good offices of the U.S. National Contact Point (NCP), we have appreciated the quality of work from the Office of the U.S. NCP. Complaints we have submitted have been treated with a degree of seriousness that is appreciated and processed by the NCP in a professional, fair and balanced manner. In the past twelve months, we were particularly pleased that the Office of the U.S. NCP was able to secure agreement from two major companies to engage in formal mediation with the IUF and a good degree of credit for that clearly lies with the work of the U.S. NCP. Where final assessments have been issued to conclude the complaint process we have in general found them to be fair and of often of value in assisting us to maintain dialogue between ourselves as complainant and the opposite party."

-Ron Oswald, International Union of Food Workers

*Ariel Meyerstein currently sits on the Stakeholder Advisory Board on the U.S. National Contact Point for the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.