Nicaragua Sanctions

Remarks and Releases

11/27/18 The United States Sanctions Two Close Associates of Nicaraguan President Ortega; Office of the Spokesperson; Washington, DC
11/27/18 White House: President Donald J. Trump is Pressuring the Nicaraguan Regime To Restore Democracy and the Rule of Law; Washington, DC
11/27/18 Department of the Treasury: Treasury Targets Nicaraguan Vice President and Key Advisor Over Violent Response to Protests; Washington, DC
11/02/18  Remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador John R. Bolton on the Administration's Policies in Latin America

Executive Order

"Blocking Executive Order 13851 of November 27, 2018 Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Nicaragua" is designed to counter the worst abuses of the Ortega regime in Nicaragua, including its dismantling of democratic institutions and serious human rights violations and abuses. The E.O. is a new U.S. tool to expose and promote accountability of those responsible for the abuses taking place in Nicaragua, in support of the people of Nicaragua in their continued calls for democracy and rule of law. This action sends a clear signal that the United States will not tolerate the exploitation of the people and public resources of Nicaragua for private gain.