About Transportation Affairs

EB/TRA aggressively promotes liberalization of safe and secure air and sea transportation to spur economic development, and to expand opportunities for U.S. firms, jobs for U.S. workers, and benefits for U.S. consumers. EB/TRA does this through:

  • Leading U.S. teams in negotiating Open Skies and other aviation liberalization agreements with nations around the world.
  • Routinely working with the U.S. Department of Transportation and providing advice to the Secretary of Transportation on overall foreign policy and specific negotiations.
  • Working closely with the Departments of Commerce, Homeland Security, Defense, the National Economic Council, and other federal offices; foreign governments, international organizations, and the private sector to protect the transportation infrastructure, and to ensure the safety of the people and goods that travel on it.

EB/TRA also oversees air, maritime, and land transport policy activities, working closely with the Federal Aviation Administration, the Maritime Administration, and the Federal Maritime Commission. EB/TRA also supports the U.S. Mission to the International Civil Aviation Organization and the U.S. Representative to the International Maritime Organization.