Energy Programs

The Bureau of Energy Resources (ENR), Office of Energy Programs (ENR/EGA/EP) works to strengthen energy sector governance, access, and reliability in emerging economies and build the capacity of governments to develop and utilize the energy resources of their countries for long-term national benefit. ENR foreign assistance programs are integral to the Bureau’s diplomatic engagements overseas, provide critical support for the Department’s objectives, and the Administration’s global diplomacy priorities. ENR’s programs leverage expertise from across the U.S. government and leading U.S. universities and laboratories as well as provide access to qualified independent subject-matter experts and technical specialists to support the objectives: 1) Building institutional and human resource capacity needed to ensure strong energy sector governance and transparency in the resource sectors in emerging economies; 2) providing governments and civil society with the tools needed to help support responsible development of their domestic resources; and 3) supporting power market reforms and efforts to leverage regional electrical interconnections, to strengthen energy security and advance regional cooperation.