International Health and Biodefense

Date: 2016 Description: Aedes Aegypti mosquito known to spread the Zika virus © HHS ImageDate: 2016 Description: Electron micrograph of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus © NIH

The Office of International Health and Biodefense (OES/IHB) is the primary State Department policy office responsible for a variety of international health issues. We believe that healthy people make for stronger, more prosperous, and more stable nations; enhance international security and trade; and ensure a safer, more resilient America. IHB leads the U.S. State Department efforts on pandemic response, coordinating international activities in support of our citizens and Missions overseas. IHB also ensures that key health issues--emerging infectious diseases, environmental health, global health security, antimicrobial resistance, one health, and international health agreements—are fully incorporated into our foreign policy interactions. IHB also promotes the consideration of international dimensions in U.S. public health policy development, including the use of innovative technologies. We work with other government agencies to represent U.S. positions on health in international fora and assists U.S. diplomatic posts in their health-related exchanges with foreign governments and private partners, as well as with public outreach, to keep Americans healthy at home and abroad.