International Health and Biodefense

The Office of International Health and Biodefense (OES/IHB) is the primary State Department policy office responsible for a variety of international health issues. IHB takes part in U.S. Government policymaking on infectious disease, environmental health, noncommunicable disease issues, global health security, antimicrobial resistance, and counterfeit and substandard medications. Our key focus areas include the Global Health Security Agenda, pandemic preparedness, and emerging issues such as new outbreaks of disease, new international policy discussions, and how science and technology affect medicine and public health.

IHB also promotes consideration of health issues in foreign policy formulation and of international dimensions in U.S. public health policy development. We work with other government agencies to represent U.S. positions on health in international fora, and assist U.S. diplomatic posts in their health-related exchanges with foreign governments and private partners, as well as public outreach.