Date: 01/28/2012 Description: A joint team from the United States and the Russian Federation concluded a six-day inspection of foreign research stations, installations and equipment in Antarctica on January 28, 2012, pursuant to the Antarctic Treaty of 1959 and its Environmental Protocol. The team inspected the following stations: Concordia (France/Italy), Mario Zucchelli (Italy) and Scott Base (New Zealand). - State Dept ImageDate: 01/27/2012 Description: A joint U.S.-Russia Inspection Team arrived at the United States' McMurdo Station in preparation for conducting a joint inspection of foreign facilities in Antarctica. During the joint inspection, the U.S.-Russian team reviewed adherence to Antarctic Treaty rules, including environmental impacts. This was the thirteenth Antarctic inspection undertaken by the United States since 1961. - State Dept Image






In order to promote peace and security on the Continent, and to determine whether parties to the Antarctic Treaty are meeting their obligations under the Treaty, its Environmental Protocol and related regulations, the United States periodically conducts inspections of foreign stations, equipment and vessels under rights of inspection granted in Article VII of the Antarctic Treaty and Article 14 of the Protocol for Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty. The United States' program of inspections helps emphasize that Antarctica is accessible to all countries. The last U.S. inspection, conducted jointly with the Russian Federation and co-led by the Department of State, was undertaken from January 23-28, 2012. This was the thirteenth Treaty inspection carried out by the United States since the Antarctic Treaty was signed in 1959.