Policy and Public Outreach

The Office of Policy and Public Outreach (PPO) coordinates a cross-cutting approach to the wide range of OES policies aiming to build partnerships and encourage engagement on environment, science and technology issues that impact everyone. PPO coordinates policy planning within the Bureau looking to set achievable strategic goals and track outcomes.  

PPO works with regional bureaus in Washington; Environment, Science, Technology, and Health (ESTH) officers overseas; as well as the broader interagency community to support a whole of society approach to advancing OES issues.  PPO manages 12 regional hub ESTH officers located in embassies around the world and coordinates with ESTH officers in the Department’s bilateral missions. 

PPO leads communications and outreach strategies for OES to inform and influence key foreign groups and opinion leaders on U.S. science and technology policy.  We engage foreign publics on the benefits of U.S. ESTH policy through traditional and social media.