2020 U.S. Presidential Elections Programs 

The Foreign Press Centers (FPCs) plan to lead the effort to ensure that coverage of the U.S. presidential electoral process reaches a global audience, providing accurate understanding of the institutions that comprise a core component of U.S. history and identity, as well as an in-depth view of American values and societyThis elections programming slate will demonstrate support for global independent media and provide journalists first-hand access to the inclusive American discussion over the trajectory of the United StatesIn 2016, 975 media from 118 countries participated in FPC-led presidential elections programming, informing millions of viewers and readers worldwide about our values and democratic processes. 

International Reporting Tours 

  • Designed for groups of up to 25 journalists nominated by posts worldwide who would otherwise not cover the U.S. elections.  Four such tours are planned for 2020:  
  • “How We Vote,” will take media to Washington, D.C., Ohio, and North Carolina from March 10-21, 2020, to create dynamic opportunities to observe and learn about U.S. primary voting and electoral processes. 
  • “How We Choose,” will take place after the two major party conventions and focus on understanding key elements of electoral campaigning, grassroots organizing, and presidential debates.  
  • The third and fourth tours will align with the final week of campaigning for each major party’s candidate, culminating at their respective campaign headquarters on Election Night. 

Domestic and Local Reporting Tours 

  • Multiple tours will be offered to foreign correspondents who are U.S.-residentactive FPC members. 
  • The kickoff tour will cover the New Hampshire Primaries on February 1011Later tours will include: the Virginia and Florida primaries (March), the New York and Pennsylvania primaries (April), and Election Day voting and campaign events in and around Washington, D.C., and New York. 

Major Party Conventions 

  • The FPCs broker interviews for foreign journalists with top political spokespeople and create press filing and briefing centers at both Republican and Democratic National Conventions. In 2016, nearly 300 foreign media from scores of countries attended briefings and filed from FPC spaces during these high-profile events. 
  • The FPCs will continue to facilitate this access for foreign media at this year’s Democratic National Convention (July 13-16, Milwaukee, WI) and the Republican National Convention (August 24-27, Charlotte, NC). 

Elections 101 Briefings 

  • The Elections 101 briefing series allows FPC members to learn directly from top elections experts – academics, practitioners, and more – about the many facets of the U.S. presidential election process, from polling to voting to demographics and more. 

Media Co-Ops 

  • Throughout the year, the FPCs sponsor tailored on-the-record media content creation trips for journalist teams based overseas and nominated by posts. Many of these programs will center on the electoral process. 

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