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On behalf of the United States of America, I offer congratulations to the people of Eswatini on the 53rd anniversary of your nation’s independence.

Independence Day is a time to celebrate, reflect on shared values, and recommit to a future that holds promise and opportunity for all emaSwati.  We are saddened by the unrest that has shaken Eswatini and urge all parties to demonstrate a clear and equitable commitment to human rights, fundamental freedoms, rule of law, and accountability.  We also encourage all stakeholders to commit to a peaceful and respectful dialogue that includes representatives of government, women’s and youth movements, political parties, trade unions, and other civil society organizations.

As you celebrate your Independence Day, the United States recognizes your aspirations for improved health, security, opportunity, and prosperity, and we remain your steadfast partner in the fight against COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, and other challenges.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the government and the people of the Kingdom of Eswatini in support of equality and shared prosperity.

Best wishes on this auspicious day.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future