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HomeSocial Media Toolkit: Expo 2027 in Minnesota

Social Media Toolkit: Expo 2027 in Minnesota

Use this social media toolkit to find sample social media, graphics, and content resources to support the U.S. Bid to Host Expo 2027 in Minnesota.

Together, we can make Expo 2027 an unforgettable celebration of “Healthy People, Healthy Planet.” 

Hashtags and Handles

Video Prompts

Create your own video answering one or more of the prompts below. For examples, see the videos from Minnesota Expo 2027’s YouTube channel.

  • Why do you think Minnesota/the U.S. should host Expo 2027? 
  • What’s your favorite thing about Minnesota? 
  • What are your favorite places in Minnesota? 
  • What would the Expo mean for America?
  • What is the Expo anyway?
  • Talk about historical connections to the World Fair with your region. 

Sample Social Media Content

  • Minnesota and the U.S. are well-prepared to host a Specialized Expo highlighting critical global health and wellness issues. Learn more: #USAExpo2027
  • #USAExpo2027 will give countries the opportunity to promote tourism, entice foreign direct investment, and connect with some of the best universities and innovative companies in the world. Learn more: 
  • I welcome the prospect of an #USAExpo2027 in Minnesota. The theme addresses some of the world’s biggest health and environmental issues. #HealthyPeopleHealthyPlanet 
  • Learn more about the Expo theme and why we think Minnesota is the best place to host Expo 2027 at! #USAExpo2027
  • Bloomington, the Twin Cities, and Minnesota are ready to host the world. Learn more about our bid to bring Expo 2027 to the U.S.: #USAExpo2027


Graphics are available on Content Commons.

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