PROJECT PHOENIX Conversion of Coal to Small Modular Reactor Energy Supply WHAT IS PROJECT PHOENIX? PROJECT PHOENIX was announced by U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry at the UN Climate Change Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt (COP27). Project Phoenix aims to accelerate the global clean energy transition by supporting feasibility studies and providing technical assistance to support the pursuit of the conversion of coal-fired power plants to reliable and safe zero-carbon small modular reactor (SMR) nuclear energy generation. The project will be carried out under the U.S. Department of State’s Foundational Infrastructure for the Responsible Use of Small Modular Reactor Technology (FIRST) Program that provides capacity building support for partner countries under the highest standards of safety, security, and nonproliferation. BENEFITS OF SMALL MODULAR REACTORS 1. SMRs require relatively little land area and can be scaled as needed to meet energy needs. 2. SMRs are designed to incorporate advanced safety, security, and nonproliferation features. 3. SMRs offer reduced capital investment. 4. SMRs have flexible siting that allows them to be built where the energy is needed. 5. SMRs can be used for power generation, clean hydrogen production, industrial applications, process heat, desalination, or other uses. For more information visit or contact ISN-Press-DL@state.govA

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