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Counseling Resources and Referral Services

  • The Department of State provides a number of resources and services to support employees and their family members while on overseas and domestic assignments.

Key Resources

WorkLife4You  (WL4Y) is the Department of State’s 24/7 Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for employees and their family members. WL4Y provides free 24/7 counseling, education, and referral services that help Department of State employees and family members find the programs, providers, information, and resources they need to manage personal and professional responsibilities. Counselors will help determine what services are needed and available and refer to appropriate providers. Call them for 24/7 personalized assistance, read articles and educational guides on their website, order topic related kits, engage in monthly live talk, watch webinars and listen to audios or ask for a free in-person elder care assessment from a qualified Professional Care Manager. In addition, The WL4Y Emergency Backup Dependent Care provides 24/7 access to specialists to arrange care in advance or at the last minute for every member of the family as well as, aging loved ones. WL4Y provides up to five (5) days of adult backup care with a  low co-pay if you use a nationwide care center or 100% reimbursement if you use friends or family members. Backup care services can only be used for care taking place within the United States and U.S. territories.

Department of State, both Civil Service and Foreign Service employees and family members are eligible to use WorkLife4You . For login information, contact FLO at

** Employees of agencies other than the Department of State should check with their headquarters for guidance pertaining to their contracted Employee Assistance Program.

Employee Consultation Services (ECS) offers free, confidential counseling with professional clinical social workers to Department of State employees and family members. They can assist with job stress, marital and relationship problems, parent and child problems, single parent and blended family concerns, school adjustment problems, elderly parent concerns, separation, loss and grief, acute and chronic medical illness, depression, anxiety, and other emotional problems, financial concerns, life transitions, new career/retirement issues, and pre-post departure and reentry concerns. Contact at or 202-634-4874.

 USAID Staff Care  ensures the wellbeing and work-life balance of USAID’s total workforce (all hiring categories) and their dependents through a range of programs and services. USAID has partnered with Federal Occupational Health (FOH) to deliver a secure, confidential Staff Care website that provides a central location to access the Employee Assistance / Employee Resilience Program (EAP/ERP), Wellness, Work-Life, and Child Subsidy Programs. Services are available 24/7. Contact at or 877-988-7243 (877-98USAID).

Community Liaison Office (CLO) provide support to employees and families at post as well as specific support to families who remain at post during an Unaccompanied Tour. They can also help connect you to the Regional Medical Officer/Psychiatrist (RMO/P) for your post or to other available resources. Request contact information for your CLO at

Deployment Stress Management Program (DSMP)

Managed by the Bureau of Medical Services, the DSMP offers prevention, intervention, assessment, treatment, counseling, education and referral services covering the spectrum of the pre-deployment cycle through after reintegration. DSMP can also help you increase your resilience or manage any concerns during deployment and reintegration. These services are available to employees and families who are experiencing the effects of being assigned to a high stress/high threat post. Contact at or 703-812-2257. 

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