Unaccompanied Tours: Support and Information

Separate Maintenance Allowances

Travel of Children of Separated Families

3 FAM 3750 – Travel of Children of Separated Families

The provision in 3 FAM 3724(4) that requires family members to travel to the same R&R location as the employee has been eliminated. As long as travel by family members provides relief from conditions at post, and the travel is in accordance with all other provisions of 3 FAM 3720, the R&R destination of family members may be different from the R&R destination of the employee. The change will provide greater flexibility to visit relatives, address the varied interests of family members, and pursue personal and business matters.

Regulations on travel of children of separated families (3 FAM 3750) prohibit payment of transportation for another person to accompany a child who is visiting a parent, however, the Department of State will pay the airline fee for a child who is traveling unaccompanied. The fee can not be used for any other purpose or to defray any other expenses.

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