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06/14/16  Final EPA Report on Planning for Growth and Opportunity from FASTC 
04/25/16  FASTC Overview Presentation at Public Community Meeting 


Record of Decision (ROD) for FASTC

05/28/15  Record of Decision (ROD) for FASTC 
05/28/15  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Biological Opinion 
05/28/15  Virginia Department of Historic Resources (DHR) Concurrence 

Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS)

04/24/15  Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) 
04/24/15  Appendix A: Public Involvement 
04/24/15  Appendix B: Development of Alternatives 
04/24/15  Appendix C: Correspondence 
04/24/15  Appendix D: Species List 
04/24/15  Appendix E: FASTC Final EIS NHPA Correspondence 
04/24/15  Appendix F: FASTC Final EIS Cultural Resources Survey 
04/24/15  Appendix G: Environmental Noise Assessment 
04/24/15  Appendix H: Traffic Impact Analysis 
04/24/15  Appendix I: Air Quality Analysis 
04/24/15  Appendix J: Economic and Fiscal Impacts Report 
04/24/15  Appendix K: Comments Responses 
04/24/15  Appendix L: USFWS Endangered Species Act Consultation Correspondence 

Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS)

02/03/15  FASTC Supplemental Draft EIS Public Meeting Posters 
02/03/15  FASTC SDEIS Public Meeting Presentation 
01/09/15  Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement 
01/09/15  Appendix A: Public Involvement 
01/09/15  Appendix B: Development of Alternatives 
01/09/15  Appendix C: Correspondence 
01/09/15  Appendix D: Species List 
01/09/15  Appendix E: NHPA Correspondence 
01/09/15  Appendix F: Cultural Resources Surveys 
01/09/15  Appendix G: Environmental Noise Assessment 
01/09/15  Appendix H: Traffic Impact Analysis 
01/09/15  Appendix I: Air Quality Analysis 
01/09/15  Appendix J: Economic and Fiscal Impacts Analysis 
01/09/15  Appendix K: Responses to Comments on the 2012 Draft EIS 
01/09/15  Federal Register Notice of Public Meeting 


08/22/14  FASTC Project Update 
08/13/14  Blackstone Chamber of Commerce Networking Luncheon 


Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)

11/07/12  Draft EIS Fact Sheet 
11/07/12  FASTC Draft EIS Meeting Posters 
10/26/12  Appendix A: Notice of Intent 
10/26/12  Appendix B: Site Evaluation Process 
10/26/12  Appendix C: Correspondence 
10/26/12  Appendix D: Species List 
10/26/12  Appendix E: NHPA Correspondence 
10/26/12  Appendix F: Cultural Resources Surveys 
10/26/12  Appendix G: Environmental Noise Assessment 
10/26/12  Appendix H: Traffic Impact Analysis 
10/26/12  Appendix I: Air Quality Analysis 
10/26/12  Appendix J: Economic and Fiscal Impacts Analysis 
10/26/12  Draft EIS FASTC Vol I 
10/26/12  Notice of Public Meeting for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center in Nottoway County, Virginia
10/26/12  U.S. General Services Administration Invites You to a Public Meeting for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center


10/18/11  FASTC October 18 Scoping Meeting Fact Sheet 
10/18/11  FASTC October 18 Scoping Meeting Posters 
08/12/11  Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) – Frequently Asked Questions – NEPA and NHPA [  PDF version    ]
08/12/11  Foreign Affairs Security Training Center – Project Fact Sheet No. 1 [  PDF version    ]

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