Since 2012, the State Department and USAID have provided foreign assistance to help governments to improve budget transparency and to support civil society organizations promoting fiscal transparency.  This work complements the role of the Fiscal Transparency Report.  For the last several years, Congress has appropriated approximately $4.5 million per year in Economic Support Funds to fund FTIF assistance programs.

To date, the fund has awarded $32.5 million for projects in 53 countries to enhance budget transparency, advance public financial management, and improve the transparency of licensing and contracting in natural resource extraction.  U.S. embassies largely manage these projects, which range from small assistance efforts aimed at training civil society and the media on budget processes transparency, to larger projects that assist government officials in strengthening budgeting and auditing processes.

How can FTIF help?  FTIF funding can:

  • Provide technical assistance to build public financial management capacity
  • Train policymakers to strengthen financial management policies
  • Help construct tools for the public dissemination of budget documents
  • Establish workshops for government officials, civil society leaders, and journalists
  • Empower civil society organizations to monitor public funds and expenditures
  • Fund other innovative approaches to advance fiscal transparency

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February 2019: Budget literacy training for Gambian civil society organizations – Banjul, The Gambia
November 2018: FTIF-funded budget training for Gambian parliament members – Banjul, The Gambia

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