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Life Skills Training

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Training status update: The Foreign Service Institute (FSI) will be in contact with students enrolled in upcoming training to provide details on delivery. View the list of courses that are offered virtually for the time being.

Foreign Affairs Life Skills Training

Transition Center’s Life Skills courses and webinars prepare foreign affairs community members to effectively navigate the many transitions and adjustments required for success in their mobile lifestyle. These programs offer targeted training to all U.S. Government employees, adult family members, and children preparing for or on an overseas assignment. The training spans from those new to the foreign affairs experience to those in transition.

Online Training Resources
Courses and Webinars by Date

The list of courses by date features upcoming webinars and webinar video recordings for the foreign affairs community.

Courses by Category

Available to employees and eligible family members assigned to a mission overseas from all foreign affairs agencies. Email the Transition Center to register.

Preparing for Foreign Affairs Life

  • Protocol and U.S. Representation in the Foreign Affairs Community (MQ116)
  • Orientation to the Department of State for Foreign Affairs Agencies (MQ119) | Course Details
  • Foreign Service Spouse Orientation (MQ120)
  • Cross Cultural Communication for the Foreign Affairs Community (MQ802) | Course Details
  • Understanding the Foreign Affairs Lifestyle (MQ803) | Course Details

Employment for Family Members

  • Basics of Overseas Employment for EFMs (MQ703) | Course Details
  • Employment Tools for EFMs (MQ704) – Course Details
  • International Development: Employment Options for EFMs (MQ705) | Course Details
  • Entrepreneur Basics for EFMs
  • Virtual Work Opportunities for EFMs
  • Teaching and Working in Education Overseas for EFMs
  • Legal Considerations for EFMs Working Overseas

Financial Planning

  • Regulations, Allowances and Finances in the Foreign Service Context (MQ104) – Course Details
  • Tax Considerations for the Foreign Affairs Community
  • Personal Finances and Investments for Foreign Affairs Personnel
  • Estate Planning in the Foreign Service

Foreign Affairs Families with Children

  • Educating Your Special Needs Child in the Foreign Affairs Community
  • Young Diplomats Overseas Preparation (MQ250) – Course Details
  • Encouraging Resilience in Your Foreign Affairs Child (MQ500) – Course Details

Going Overseas and Logistics

  • Going Overseas in the Foreign Affairs Community without Children (MQ200) – Course Details
  • Going Overseas in the Foreign Affairs Community with Children (MQ210) – Course Details
  • Moving Overseas Logistics for the Foreign Affairs Community (MQ220) – Course Details
  • Moving Overseas Logistics for Foreign Affairs Youth (MQ230) – Course Details
  • Traveling with Pets for the Foreign Affairs Community (MQ855)

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