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The School of Language Studies employs motivated individuals who are interested in making a difference in our relationships with other countries through the development of U.S. diplomats’ foreign language skills. We look for applicants with expertise in second language acquisition, applied linguistics, and foreign language and adult education to train Department of State personnel for their real-world, high-stake jobs. Our positions include:

Language Training Supervisor
Oversee intensive foreign language training programs for foreign affairs professionals as you develop new programs to meet changing needs, take advantage of new instructional technology, counsel and evaluate students and instructors, and interface with career development officers, embassies, and other government agencies on professional training needs.

Language Training Specialist
Use your expertise in second language acquisition to counsel and coach students, conduct teacher training workshops, and lead projects for the development and revision of language curricula.

Language and Culture Instructor
Help diplomats prepare for their assignments abroad as you teach your native language and culture at the Foreign Service Institute. With classes in over 70 languages, FSI offers a variety of full- and part-time courses to meet the varied job requirements of Americans serving abroad.

If you are interested in Federal direct-hire opportunities in the School of Language Studies at the Foreign Service Institute, you may search for job openings or subscribe for vacancy announcements . If you are interested in opportunities working as a Language and Culture Instructor or Language Tester, you may email the School of Language Studies for the list of contract companies supporting the School.

To learn about the Madeline E. Ehrman Fellowship in Second Language Acquisition, please see here.

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