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The State Department’s Foreign Service Institute signed a Memorandum of Understanding today with the U.S. Diplomatic Studies Foundation focused on strengthening the Department’s ability to train U.S. government foreign affairs professionals and improve the practical application of their job skills. Through this partnership, the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) will tap into the expertise of former senior government officials currently leading the U.S. Diplomatic Studies Foundation, including retired Ambassadors Thomas R. Pickering and David C. Miller, former Assistant Secretary of State Chester A. Crocker, and former Under Secretary of Homeland Security Rand Beers.

The MOU outlines the partners’ intent to establish a Visiting Fellows program at FSI and facilitate investments in training assessment, evaluation, educational technology, and FSI staff development.

For further information, please contact FSI Outreach and Public Affairs Director Leila Kamgar at or (703) 302-6718.

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