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How can I contact Medical Clearances?

Please send an email to or call 202-663-1591.

What is my clearance status?

  • Department of State Employees: Your medical clearance is located on your HR Profile. Log in and review your status. The medical clearance status of eligible family members is also located on the employee’s HR profile.
  • OpenNet Users: The MED Customer Dashboard can be used to show the current medical clearance status of the employee and EFMS. MED Customer Dashboard is not available on the internet.
  • Overseas Health Units: The Health Unit is able to view the current medical clearance status of employees and their EFMs.
  • Human Resources: Your Department of State HR technician and Career Development Officer (CDO) have access only to your clearance status (exclusive of any medical information).

How will I know when my clearance is complete?

Every Monday (with the exception of holidays), notifications of all issued medical clearances are sent to the email address provided on the MED clearance form (DS-1843, DS-3051, DS-6561, etc.). Please be sure to write your current email address clearly. EFMs 18 years of age or older must provide a personal email address. It is your responsibility to save a copy of your clearance notification.

Will I know why I have been issued a post specific, Class 2 medical clearance?

Yes. You will receive an email from the Medical Clearances Nurse Consultant notifying you of your medical status, including the reason for the determination. The email noted on your medical clearance form will be used for correspondence. Make sure your stated email address is up to date and legibly written on all forms.

How long is my medical clearance valid?

A medical clearance is valid until the end of a tour or home leave, whichever is shorter, unless there is a significant change in the individual’s medical condition [16 FAM 214b].

An employee serving in a domestic assignment who performs temporary duty abroad for 30 or more consecutive days must have a valid medical clearance and must renew it every 2 years or earlier if there is a significant change in the individual’s medical condition. An individual with a post specific (Class 2) medical clearance performing a TDY of 30 consecutive days or longer must obtain a post approval from MED prior to each TDY assignment.

I am assigned to an ESCAPE post, do these posts have additional requirements?

Please see complete Clearance Guidance for ESCAPE Posts.

I am an applicant for the Foreign Service and I’ve been told that I’m not “in the system.” What does this mean?

Department of State employee candidates and their eligible family members have identification data entered into HR’s database by the HR point of contact. Once key information is entered, it is available for Medical Records to create a record. Please check with your HR technician or CDO to make sure the information is in HR’s database. This key information often changes for tandem couples and their EFMs when moving to a new post. If further information is needed, contact Medical Records via e-mail at

How can I speed up the process of getting my clearance completed?

In order to streamline the process, ensure that all forms are completed in entirety. MED may request supporting documentation (clinical reports) associated with any chronic medical conditions. Scan all documents in PDF Format and send to Do not mail, pouch, or FedEx your application.

I am now at an unaccompanied post and my spouse needs to have a medical clearance update in the States. What forms do I use?

EFMs 18 years of older should complete a DS-3057. Scan as a PDF and email to or fax to Medical Records at 202-647-0292. Submit clinical office visit notes or updates for all chronic medical conditions.

How can my child’s medical clearance be changed to an unlimited one?

If your child has a Post-Specific (Class 2) medical clearance, it is because he/she has a medical or educational condition that requires adequate medical/educational resources at post. If your child’s medical/educational condition changes, his/her medical clearance will be re-evaluated during the next in-service medical clearance and/or during the post-approval bidding process. New clinical and/or educational support information is required to consider clearance classification changes. For more information contact the Child and Family Program at

What do I do if I/my EFM have/has a new condition or change in health status?

MED Clearances must be notified regarding significant changes or new conditions, including but not limited to a hospitalization, urgent outpatient treatment, change/initiation of regularly taken medications; or the need for regular, frequent follow-up.

Is there a list of Class 2 Specific posts?

No. Each individual is reviewed on an individual basis. Individual limiting conditions are not always supported uniformly by post resources. The individual carries the clearance, not the post. Information regarding Post Approvals can be found at on the Post Specific (Class 2) Guidance page.

How can I contact Medical Claims?

Contact Medical Claims directly at or (202) 663-1886.

Can retirement/separation physicals be done at post or must they only be done in Washington at MED?

The separation/retirement physical exam may be done in the United States, at post, or privately. The exam may be completed in the Health Unit or on the local economy if medical resources are available and considered adequate. We recommend the exam be completed at the home leave address or where one is settling since this provides an opportunity to establish a professional relationship with a medical provider at USG expense. The exam may also be completed in the MED Exam Clinic in Washington DC (; 202-663-1779). A separation physical is not mandatory, but it is an opportunity to establish care with a new provider in the U.S. and, if you are considering WAE/REA employment, the separation physical can be used for this purpose. A separation physical exam can be started 60 days prior to separation and must be completed within 90 days of separation per 16 FAM 219.

Is a colonoscopy, mammography or PAP screening test mandatory?

No. Colon, breast, or cervical cancer screening is now “optional” testing and is not required for medical clearance determination. Cancer screening should be undertaken at recommendation of treating provider based on current cancer screening guidelines, and based on personal and family risk factors. Please discuss with your provider.

Can the Medical Clearance Update (MCU) DS-3057 form be used for DOS Foreign Service retirement/separation PE’s?

No. A full physical exam using the separation standards is required. Please use form DS-1843 or DS-1622 (for children).

How can my new EFM obtain a clearance? Also, can my newly adopted children who are not U.S. citizens have Health Unit privileges?

Per 16 FAM 122.4, the employee has 90 days to complete the medical clearance for all new Eligible Family Members (EFM), including spouse or adopted children. New EFMs are eligible for medical evacuation, hospitalization, and access to the Health Unit during those 90 days.

  • For State: Please submit an approved OF-126 to your HR technician or CDO.
  • For Other Agencies: Please have the employee’s administrative officer issue a letter declaring the new EFM.
  • Complete DS-1843 (12 and older) or DS-1622 (11 and younger) and Scan and email to or FAX to Medical Records 202-647-0292.

If an eligible family member is applying for a direct-hire position, is a new clearance needed?

Generally, an EFM must undergo a full pre-employment or pre-assignment process, but there are exceptions. Please contact Medical Clearances at We will review the current clearance and provide guidance as to what the next step is.

Do I need to update my medical clearance before starting a language training program for an overseas assignment?

Language training is defined as 1 year or longer. A new clearance (full PE or MCU) with approval to the language specific post(s) is required prior to beginning long-term language training.

My daughter will be 21 years old. Is she still eligible for MED benefits?

At the age of 21, your daughter will no longer be eligible for a medical clearance. If they are traveling to post on education travel orders, they will have Health Unit and MED Foreign Program benefits, including MEDEVAC, while at post, up to 120 days. If your daughter will not be on travel allowance orders, she should have the final separation physical exam (DS-1843) completed within 90 days of her 21st birthday.

My father is my dependent. Is he eligible for a medical clearance and the benefits of the medical program?

No. Parents, in-laws, or any family members other than immediate family (spouses and children) are NOT eligible for a medical clearance. The exception is an adult family member who has a Certificate of Incapacity for a medical condition that pre-dates their 21st birth day. For non-eligible members of household (MOH), the following is recommended to prepare for living overseas:

  • Have a complete physical exam and hand-carry a copy that may be given to a local provider.
  • Hand-carry at least a 6-month supply of all prescription medications and have a plan for renewal.
  • Know about chronic medical conditions and the frequency and type of follow-up required. The Health Unit may be able to advice of locally available medical resources.
  • Carry private health insurance, but not Medicare nor HMO, as these do not cover overseas billings.
  • Subscribe to an air ambulance insurance in the event a medevac is required.

How long can one use the Medical Clearance Update before a full physical exam is required?

The MCU may be used indefinitely. MED Clearances must be notified regarding significant changes or new conditions, including but not limited to a hospitalization, urgent outpatient treatment, change/initiation of regularly taken medications; or the need for regular, frequent follow-up.

I have received a medical clearance as a new employee. How do I get immunizations for travel overseas?

Contact the Travel Health & Immunization Division at for guidance.

What is the policy for my end-of-tour physical exam as I am going to be posted in Washington, DC?

For those returning to a domestic assignment, a medical clearance is not required. Medical clearances are required to serve overseas, everyone is cleared to be in the U.S.A.

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Contact Medical Records at

How do I get a medical clearance for my newborn or new dependent?

Contact your HR/EX technician to submit an OF-126 form (Foreign Service Residence and Dependency Report) to Medical Records. This will enter the new child/dependent into the system. All non-foreign service agencies should send a Memorandum of Eligibility to Medical Records at Once a child has been approved for EFM status, he/she must have a medical clearance to travel to post. The newborn exam form (DS-1622) must be completed after 4 weeks of age.

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