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This report fulfills the U.S. Department of State’s reporting requirements pertaining to conference related expenditures contained within the Office of Management and Budget’s Memorandum M-12-12 (OMB M-12-12, issued May 2012 and OMB M-17-08, issued November 25, 2016) for fiscal year 2020.

Department of State FY20 Reporting per OMB Memorandum M-12-12 and M-17-08

Name of Conference OSAC 34th Annual Briefing (MC190086)
Location Washington, DC
Total Expenses $264,411.75
Start Date November 19, 2019
End Date November 21, 2019
Purpose and Contribution to Mission OSAC held its 34th Annual Briefing at the Department of State Harry S. Truman Building on Tuesday, November 19 through Thursday, November 21.  OSAC briefed 1,200 corporate security executives and key department officials.
Total Department Funded Attendees 1,204
Name of Conference DS Worldwide Senior Executive Leadership Forum (MC190040)
Location Washington, DC
Total Expenses $1,043,784.71
Start Date December 1, 2019
End Date December 3, 2019
Purpose and Contribution to Mission DS believes a senior executive leadership forum affords the bureau a unique and compelling opportunity to present major new initiative, discuss current and emerging threats, review best practices in leadership, and address operational issues in one gathering.
Total Department Funded Attendees 499
Name of Conference ARSO-I EUR/AF Regional Workshop (MC190066)
Location Garmisch, Germany
Total Expenses $275,907.07
Start Date January 6, 2020
End Date January 10, 2020
Purpose and Contribution to Mission OCI’s goal for this AF and EUR workshop is to increase information sharing, joint investigations, and camaraderie among ARSO-Is, EFM-IAs, and CFIs.  AF and EUR are paired together due to shared migration routes and illicit smuggling and trafficking routes, as well as shared visa fraud trends.
Total Department Funded Attendees 90
Name of Conference Abrahamic Faiths Initiative (MC200020)
Location Washington, DC
Total Expenses $154,115.21
Start Date January 14, 2020
End Date January 16, 2020
Purpose and Contribution to Mission The AFI is a deliverable from the second Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, hosted by the U.S. Secretary of State in July 2019. It is critical to advancing the mission of the Office of International Religious Freedom at the U.S. Department of State and our foreign policy and national security goals. The Secretary expressed interest in this strategic foreign policy priority and indicated the need for the AFI Dialogue.
Total Department Funded Attendees 41
Name of Conference 2020 Global Chiefs of Mission (COM) Conference (MC200009)
Location Washington, DC
Total Expenses $726,243.45
Start Date February 25, 2020
End Date February 26, 2020
Purpose and Contribution to Mission The conference provides a crucial opportunity for the Secretary to coordinate his global leadership team to address current foreign policy challenges.
Total Department Funded Attendees 179

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