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This report fulfills the U.S. Department of State’s reporting requirements pertaining to conference related expenditures contained within the Office of Management and Budget’s Memorandum M-12-12 (OMB M-12-12, issued May 2012 and OMB M-17-08, issued November 25, 2016) for fiscal year 2022.

During FY2022, the Department of State hosted one conference that met the threshold for reporting.

Name of Conference 2022 Global Chiefs of Mission Conference
Location Washington, DC
Total Expenses $810,605.97
Start Date June 21, 2022
End Date June 22, 2022
Purpose and Contribution to Mission The 2022 Global COM Conference is the Administration’s first opportunity to assemble the Department’s senior leadership from overseas and domestic offices to consult on Administration priorities and leverage the knowledge, experience, and views of your team in addressing today’s foreign policy challenges. In addition, this in-person conference provides a crucial opportunity to share updates and guidance on our most pressing policy and management challenges.
Total Department Funded Attendees 147

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