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Cover of Booklet featuring a photo of two boys excitedly looking at a robot. Title: U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools, What Can You Expect to find In Overseas Schools for your Gifted Child? 2023

The Office of Overseas Schools’ Advisory Committee on Exceptional Children and Youth has released a new guide entitled, What Can You Expect to Find in Overseas Schools for Your Gifted Child?  The guide is designed to help U.S. Government families think through decisions in bidding for positions and contains links to useful Internet and publication resources for children needing accelerated challenges. Follow this link to download a digital copy of the guide What Can You Expect to Find in Overseas Schools for Your Gifted Child 2023

For general questions about gifted education international schools, please reach out to or Regional Education Officer (REO), Andrew Hoover.  For questions about specific schools and programs, please reach out to the appropriate REO.

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