SUBJECT: Ambassadorial Nomination: Certificate of
Demonstrated Competence — Foreign Service
Act, Section 304(a)(4)

POST: The European Union

CANDIDATE: Mark Henry Gitenstein

Mark Gitenstein is Senior Counsel at Mayer Brown LLP, and a former U.S. Ambassador to Romania. His focus as ambassador on the issue of strengthening democracy and the rule of law, and on efforts to strengthen anticorruption structures, provided him a unique perspective of the role and impact of the EU on emerging democracies in central Europe. Earlier in his career, Mr. Gitenstein worked for 17 years in the U.S. Senate, as Chief Counsel or Minority Chief Counsel of the Judiciary Committee, Chief Counsel of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Criminal Justice, and Counsel for the Intelligence Committee. His strong leadership credentials, coupled with his extensive experience in government on a diverse array of important policy issues, make him well-qualified to serve as U.S. Ambassador to the European Union.

Mr. Gitenstein has continued to engage on issues related to building and strengthening democracy and free markets, not only in Romania but in Moldova, Ukraine and elsewhere in the Balkans, including as a Senior Lecturer and Co-Director of the University of Washington’s Romania, Moldova & Ukraine Study.

Mr. Gitenstein earned an A.B. at Duke University and a J.D. at Georgetown University Law School. He was awarded the Star of Romania, the nation’s highest civilian honor, by the President of Romania in 2012.

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