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Get to Know GCLO in 2022 – #ThisIsGCLO

Get to know more about GCLO in 2022 with our  #ThisIsGCLO campaign. One of our goals this year is to increase awareness of GCLO’s programs, resources, and services through connecting GCLO portfolios and introducing our diverse staff with the Foreign Service community. The #ThisIsGCLO campaign debuted in the GCLO Weekly newsletter and can be followed on GCLO’s Facebook page.

Meet GCLO’s Expeditious Naturalization Specialist – Our Newest #ThisIsGCLO Introduction

GCLO’s Expeditious Naturalization Specialist liaises with the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) in naturalization cases for foreign-born spouses of Department of State Foreign Service employees. In 2021, GCLO assisted 45 Department of State spouses to become U.S. citizens through the Expeditious Naturalization program, and guided more than 100 foreign-born spouses to information about the process. Learn more about the program on GCLO’s Naturalization of Foreign-Born Spouses and Expeditious Naturalization Application Materials and Information webpages.

To meet GCLO’s Expeditious Naturalization Specialist, look for our latest #ThisIsGCLO post on GCLO’s Facebook page.

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