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As many FS families continue to use virtual learning options to help their children learn from home, they are finding new ways to help their children be successful in school, while some are also juggling their own careers from home. There is no “one size fits all” formula for navigating this new learning environment. However, there are many free resources to guide families in practical ways toward success. GCLO’s Education and Youth team has compiled the following information below:

Recorded Webinars and Other Resources
At–Home Educational Resources
Accredited Distance Learning Programs 

Prior to committing to a particular home study/private instruction/virtual schooling program, employees/parents should review allowable expenses for Home Study/Private Instruction at DSSR 277.3Please note: Only allowable (non-third party) expenses are reimbursable. Program consultant fees and consultant-related fees ​charged by third party providers (also known as umbrella or cover schools) are the employee’s/parent’s responsibility and are not reimbursed under the Education Allowance with one exception – for a child under the Special Needs Education Allowance (SNEA) program (3 FAM 3280) and this requires prior approval from MED and is limited to locating an adequate school away from post. Please see the Office of Allowances FAQ’s 17a-d regarding this situation.

Note: The following programs are reviewed annually and updated as needed. Please be aware that some of the programs listed may contain third party providers that may charge fees that are not reimbursable.

Online College Programs


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