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2022 Vacancy Announcement


EPAP positions are available in the Political, Economic, Management, Public Diplomacy, Human Resources, Financial Management, Facility Management, General Services, Information Management, Office Management, and Medical sections at post.  The regional bureaus, the Bureau of Information Resources Management (IRM), the Bureau of Medical Services (MED), and the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO) will advertise positions that are now available or will become available by September 30, 2022. A complete list of position openings for the 2022 EPAP cycle is available here.

Each bureau has a limited number of centrally-funded vacant positions. To assist in seeking qualified applicants, bureaus may advertise more positions than available in order to allow greater flexibility in matching applicants to those positions. Due to the centralized funding constraints and limited position allocation, it is possible that an advertised position will not be filled, even if there are qualified candidates. Post may also be authorized to fund positions that do not fall within the regional bureau’s central funding allocation (see 20 STATE 119272).

Regardless of the EPAP position funding source, all available positions will be advertised in the 2022 Spring-Summer centralized vacancy announcement from March 9, 2022 through March 30, 2022. The application process for all applicants is the same regardless of the funding source.


The vacancy announcement will open March 9, 2022, at 12:01 a.m. EST and close on March 30, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. EST. AEFMs may only apply for advertised EPAP positions at the post to which their sponsoring employee is assigned.  Although applications must be submitted via, applicants should first refer to the list of EPAP positions on the Global Community Liaison Office’s (GCLO) EPAP webpage under the section How to Apply to determine positions currently known to be available at the spouse’s post of assignment. The list of positions may change before the vacancy announcement is released. The final list of the advertised positions will be posted on the EPAP webpage and in the USAJOBS vacancy announcement when the vacancy announcement opens on March 9, 2022.

Due to system limitations, the single vacancy announcement will advertise EPAP positions under a blanket FP-07 and a Top Secret clearance. However, applicants should not let the FP-07 and Top Secret description prevent them from applying to positions for which they are eligible. As they go through the USAJOBS application, applicants will be able to find the list of positions with the corresponding grade and required clearance after selecting their regional bureau (“Vacancy Question” #16 in announcement).


The EPAP Qualification Standards webpage lists both the required education and professional or specialized experience needed to apply. The February 10, 2020, qualification standards continue to be effective and will be applied to applications submitted via the 2022 announcement.

AEFMs can review a summary of the position descriptions on the EPAP webpage.


To ensure efficiency in the selection process, the regional bureaus will first review all the applications to determine if they are complete and thus eligible for further review. To implement further qualification review, the regional bureaus will forward the complete and eligible applications to:

  • Posts to review the qualifications as documented in the eligible applications for the following EPAP positions: Economic, Financial Management, Human Resources, General Services, Management, Office Management, Political and Public Diplomacy.

And, as applicable,

  • IRM, MED, and OBO to conduct qualification reviews of EPAP applications that fall under their respective purviews: Information Management for IRM, Facility Manager positions for OBO and medical positions for MED.

With this split of duties, posts, IRM, MED, and OBO will each determine whether an applicant demonstrates that s/he meets or exceeds the requirements of each position under their respective purviews (as listed in the EPAP Qualification Standards). Applications that are deemed qualified by IRM and MED will be forwarded to post HR by the regional bureaus. Applications that are deemed qualified by OBO will be directly forwarded by OBO to post HR (see paragraph 11).

Posts will coordinate all language testing, if required, and schedule interviews for the applicants deemed qualified, adhering to the following hiring preference: 1) AEFM who is also a preference eligible U.S. Veteran; 2) any other AEFM.

Once post has selected the final candidate, post will inform the bureau (including IRM, OBO, and MED as applicable) of their rank-order selection. The regional bureau in coordination with IRM and MED will do a complete review of each top candidate’s education and experience, determine the grade and step at which the candidate qualifies, and confirm the candidate’s salary per the EPAP Qualification Standards. OBO HR in Washington, D.C., will follow the same guidelines to determine the qualifying grade and step.

The regional bureau will extend the conditional offer of employment for all EPAP positions with the exception of OBO, who will separately extend their own conditional offer for OBO-funded positions. When meeting the minimum qualification requirements (per EPAP Qualification Standards), EPAP selectees (including IRM, MED and OBO positions) will receive a conditional offer of employment at step one of the qualifying grade. When exceeding the minimum qualification standards, EPAP selectees will receive one additional step within the qualifying grade for each full year of professional or specialized experience (specific to the position for which the candidate applied). If the candidate has previous federal employment and may be eligible for Highest Previous Rate (HPR, per 3 FAM 8216.2) which results in a higher step within the qualifying grade, the HPR method to determine the step will be authorized. All grade and step decisions made by the regional/functional bureaus’ HR specialists are final.

Post, the appropriate regional or functional bureau, as applicable, will notify candidates of the status of their application throughout the process. The appropriate regional or functional bureau, as applicable, will notify the applicant of ineligibility or eligibility. Post will notify the applicant about non-selection due to Qualification Standards or Post Employment Committee (PEC) decision, per the Bureau of Global Talent Management’s Office of Overseas Employment’s (GTM/OE) guidelines. Templates are available for bureaus and posts per FLO’s SOP on the EPAP OpenNet page.


All centrally-funded EPAP employees hired in this cycle will be encouraged to complete certain functional training. This training, and its related costs (travel, per diem/lodging, and meals and incidentals (M&IE)), will be centrally-funded.  Training is also encouraged for post-funded EPAP positions, and all training-related costs (travel, per diem/lodging, and M&IE) will be post’s responsibility. Training must be discussed and agreed upon by the EPAP employee, their supervisor, and post training officer within the first 45 days of the Entry-On-Duty. Training must also meet the mission’s needs and be listed in the employee’s Work Requirement Statement.

AEFMs selected for EPAP positions in IRM must successfully complete approximately six weeks of required online courses within a specified timeframe. Certain training requirements may be waived if an AEFM demonstrates that s/he passed the vendor-specified tests related to that requirement. Applicants may contact for more information.

As an alternative, current and future EPAP employees, their supervisor, and post training officer may seek enrollment in courses delivered virtually. EPAP employees should consult the Foreign Service Institute’s (FSI) and the EPAP authorized course list as found on the EPAP webpage. Central funding requests (for travel, per diem/lodging, and M&IE per 20 STATE 119272, paragraph 5) to attend in-person courses at FSI will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the Bureau of Global Talent Management’s Global Community Liaison Office (GTM/GCLO), GTM’s Executive Office, Resources Management Division (GTM/EX/RMD), and OBO, when applicable. Other in-person training requests for post-funded positions will be approved by post. IRM training funding requests remain unchanged since the courses are only offered virtually.


Additional details on the application process, including a Checklist: preparing for USAJOBS EPAP Vacancy Announcement and the EPAP Qualification Standards, are available on the GCLO EPAP webpage. For questions regarding the program, please email For questions regarding the positions, please contact your respective EPAP bureau representative, listed below.

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