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The U.S. Department of State is proud to announce the launch of the Global Emerging Leaders in International Cyberspace Security (GEL-ICS) Fellowship, in partnership with the Meridian International Center.  The fellowship will support the development of a diverse global network of future cyber policy leaders who share the U.S. and other likeminded partners’ vision for cyberspace.  It is designed to equip emerging leaders from the governments of these foreign partners with the knowledge and global connections to be effective advocates of the non-binding framework of responsible state behavior in cyberspace, which has been affirmed by the UN General Assembly.

The first cohort of 20-25 government officials will engage in a year-long program on international cyberspace policy in 2023.  Fellows will visit Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco to engage with U.S. and international leaders from government, industry, and civil society.  They will also participate in a series of thematic webinars to support continuing education and foster networking among the fellows and stakeholders.  Additionally, fellows will reconvene on the margins of the 2023 Internet Governance Forum hosted in Japan to mark the end of the program.  With each year, fellowship alumni will form a growing, global network of proponents for a stable and secure cyberspace for future generations.

The Department selects candidates in coordination with officers at U.S. missions who identify emerging leaders in ministries of foreign affairs or other relevant agencies who have the potential to exert enduring diplomatic influence on international cyberspace issues.

For further information, please visit the fellowship webpage, e-mail and follow us on Twitter at @StateCDP.

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