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U.S. Attorney Duane A. Evans announced that EMMANUEL PRIVA, age 37, a citizen of Haiti, was charged today in a two-count conspiracy indictment.  As alleged in the indictment, PRIVA ran a visa fraud scheme from his home in Harvey, Louisiana and other locations.  In exchange for money, PRIVAwould agree to assist Haitian nationals in fraudulently obtaining visitor visas to travel to the United States.  After receiving payment from Haitian nationals, PRIVA would submit online visa applications containing false information, create false documents to support the applications, and coach the aliens on how to deceive consular officers at interviews for the visas.  The scheme was focused on making it appear that the Haitian nationals intended to temporarily visit, as opposed to illegally immigrate to the United States.  The indictment alleges that PRIVA attempted to fraudulently obtain visas for more than 100 aliens, some of whom succeeded in obtaining visas to travel to the United States.

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