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The United States is deeply concerned with the issues the IAEA raised at a special meeting of its Board of Governors.  If true, the declarations upon which Secretary Kerry anchored the JCPOA are – once again – proven to be both false and fraudulent.  The IAEA announced it detected evidence of potential undeclared nuclear materials in Iran.  Iran has no plausible explanation for the detected materials and must explain where these nuclear materials came from and where they are now. We also learned earlier this week that Iran had detained an IAEA inspector.  This is an outrageous and unwarranted act of intimidation.

The United States fully supports the IAEA’s monitoring and verification activities in Iran, and we are alarmed at Iran’s lack of adequate cooperation. IAEA inspectors must be allowed to conduct their critical work unimpeded. We call on Iran to immediately resolve all open issues with the IAEA and to afford Agency inspectors the privileges and immunities to which they are entitled.

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