Date: 2018 Description: Methodology Analysis - State Dept ImageAnalysis: CSO uses evidence-based analysis that combines data, social science methods, and geo-spatial techniques with on-the-ground knowledge to identify hotspots, leverage points, potential tradeoffs, and pathways to peace that favor U.S. interests.PDF» 
Date: 2018 Description: Methodology Planning - State Dept ImagePlanning: Our analysis feeds into integrated planning processes conducted in coordination with regional bureaus and embassies worldwide.
Date: 2018 Description: Programming - State Dept ImageProgramming: We provide programming guides and monitoring tools to colleagues and implementers in the field.
Date: 2018 Description: training - State Dept ImageTraining: CSO offers training on strategic planning and program design around specific issues including countering violent extremism and preventing elections violence.
Date: 2018 Description: Deployments - State Dept ImageDeployments: In support of our analysis and planning efforts, CSO’s conflict advisors frequently are detailed to regional bureaus and embassies and co-deployed with military forces to help design and implement diplomatic strategies, conduct research, and implement programs to mitigate conflict and foster stability.
Date: 2018 Description: Partners - State Dept ImagePartners: To enhance our work, we leverage interagency, multilateral, and civil society partners who help share the burden and advance U.S. policies in conflict-impacted areas. Read more»