Stabilization Leaders Forum
Date: 2018 Description: SLF logo - State Dept ImageThe Stabilization Leaders Forum (SLF), a network of governments with experi-ence leading civilian stabilization responses, brings together leadership and working-level staff from countries with civilian stabilization organizations similar to the Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations (CSO) in the U.S. Depart-ment of State. SLF members include Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Ger-many, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. PDF»

Peace Process Support Network
Date: 2018 Description: PPSN logo - State Dept ImageThe 2015 Presidential Policy Memorandum on U.S. Support to UN Peace Opera-tions called on the Department to strengthen support to peace processes, which Secretary Kerry echoed at the Oslo Forum in June 2016. To that end, CSO estab-lished a network of 37 nongovernmental organizations and academic institutions to support peace processes. These groups can advise on topics such as building parties’ negotiating capacity, security guarantees, power sharing and decentrali-zation arrangements, and peace agreement implementation. The network can also conduct research and analysis and implement programs to advance peace processes. PDF» PPSN Member List»

Council on Stabilization
Date: 2018 Description: Council on Stabilization logo - State Dept ImageThe Council on Stabilization (The Council) is a public-private partnership to for-mally convene diverse, high-level segments of civil society, providing the struc-ture and discipline for strategic, routine engagement to cultivate positive work-ing relationships and build momentum around conflict prevention and stabiliza-tion goals. This partnership will create momentum for building a broad move-ment in support of conflict prevention and stabilization. Collectively, this group will help to identify and coordinate ways to further advance effective conflict prevention and stabilization in the areas of policy, programs, and public out-reach. PDF»

Date: 2018 Description: Resolve Network logo - State Dept ImageThe RESOLVE Network is an initiative of the Global Research Network on Conflict, a nonprofit research organization based in Washington, DC. RESOLVE is a global consortium of researchers, research organizations, policymakers and practitioners committed to empirically driven, locally-defined research on the drivers of violent extremism and sources of community resilience. Our partners work across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of Europe, and support research leadership on extremism and conflict worldwide. PDF»

Civ-Mil Partnerships

Date: 2018 Description: Civ-Mil Partnerships © DODStabilization requires close collaboration at all levels between diplomatic, defense, and development stakeholders. To work effectively with the Department of Defense, CSO fosters partnerships with the military to integrate people, ideas, and products into military headquarters, operations, and plans. In some cases, we deploy alongside or as part of a military headquarters overseas. We also routinely participate in military exercises and continuously share analysis and information with our Department of Defense colleagues. Together, this strategic partnership advances conflict prevention and stabilization efforts by marrying CSO’s analytical and program design capabilities with DoD’s military access and operations.