Wanted: Charles Sikubwabo

Office of Global Criminal Justice

Information leading to the arrest, transfer, or conviction of
Charles Sikubwabo
Up to $5 Million Reward

Date: 03/13/2013 Description: No photograph available - State Dept Image

Charles Sikubwabo has been indicted for genocide, crimes against humanity, and other serious violations of international humanitarian law. During the Rwandan genocide, Sikubwabo was the Bourgmestre (mayor) of the Gishyita commune in the Kibuye Prefecture. Sikubwabo is accused of instigating massacres at the church of Mubuga and elsewhere in the Bisesero area, acting in concert with others to bring members of the Gendarmerie nationale, communal police, the Interahamwe, and armed civilians to the area and directing them to kill Tutsis.

To bring Sikubwabo to justice, the United States Government is offering a reward to individuals who furnish information leading to his arrest, transfer, or conviction.

All information regarding the identity of any informant will be kept strictly confidential.

Link to ICTR Indictment.

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