Office of Africa and Middle East Programs (INL/AME)

The INL Office of Africa and Middle East Programs (INL/AME) is focused on developing, directing and overseeing critical foreign assistance programs which support comprehensive criminal justice sector capacity development in countries throughout Africa and the Middle East. INL/AME employees include Civil and Foreign Service officers, contractors, and participants in various State Department Student Programs. INL/AME develops law enforcement and narcotics related policy initiatives for countries in Africa and the Middle East, and provides guidance to Foreign Service posts in implementing Department policies on international narcotics and crime. The office provides direction for bilateral narcotics and anticrime initiatives, and is responsible for developing and revising transnational crime and drug strategies and coordinating these strategies with other U.S. agencies. As part of the interagency community that focuses on combating transnational crime and narcotics, INL/AME coordinates and works closely with various agencies including the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Agency for International Development (USAID), and Department of Justice (DOJ). INL/AME also coordinates with international partners and international organizations to maximize the impact of our efforts.

INL/AME’s programs focus on developing law enforcement, justice sector, and corrections institutions that are responsive to the people they serve and promote shared interests in addressing transnational crime. Through partnerships with host government institutions, our programs enhance partner capacity to preserve justice and the rule of law, fight the production and trafficking and of illicit narcotics and the effects of drug addiction, tackle corruption, combat gender based violence, protect and secure borders, build correctional systems that respect human rights and counter the fostering of radicalization, and provide basic security services for their people.

Currently, our largest programs are located in the West Bank, Sudan and Lebanon, with Yemen rapidly increasing in priority and program size.

By bolstering the capacity of our partners across Africa and the Middle East to build and maintain secure, stable and just societies, we are helping make the world safer and more secure for Americans at home and abroad.