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Name: James Wan Shing Kong

Aliases: James Kong Wan Shing, Mark Edward Bailey, Thomas Yoon Young

Sex: Male

Date of Birth: April 1,1973

Place of Birth:  Penang City, Malaysia

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 145

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Occupation: Computers and related technologies

Nationality: Malaysia

Summary: In 2006, the Diplomatic Security Service, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Internal Revenue Service identified James Wan Shing Kong as the perpetrator of a multi-million dollar fraud case in Ohio. Kong is wanted on a 76-count federal indictment for bank fraud, wire fraud, access device fraud, computer fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. In 2010, Kong allegedly falsified information by using aliases on different passport applications.

Remarks: Last known to be living in Malaysia.

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