The text of the following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America, Japan, and Mongolia on the occasion of their 2020 Trilateral Meeting.

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The United States, Japan, and Mongolia held a trilateral meeting in Washington on January 10, 2020.  The United States and Japan reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening their bilateral relationships with Mongolia in line with Mongolia’s “third neighbor” policy and the three sides’ visions for a free and open Indo-Pacific.

The United States, Japan, and Mongolia shared their respective visions for regional development, including in the Indo-Pacific, and exchanged views on how to cooperate to ensure a prosperous and peaceful future for a region of sovereign, independent, and democratic states.  The three sides noted with satisfaction that the United States joined Japan as a strategic partner of Mongolia in 2019 and intend to strengthen these strategic partnerships.

The United States, Japan, and Mongolia reiterated that the DPRK must cease provocations, including launches of ballistic missiles, abide by its obligations under UN Security Council Resolutions, and engage in sustained and substantive negotiations to do its part to fulfill the commitments made at the Singapore summit.  The three sides underscored the need for the full implementation of the relevant UN Security Council resolutions towards the final, fully verified dismantlement of the DPRK’s weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs in accordance with those resolutions.  The three countries emphasized the importance of addressing humanitarian concerns, including the immediate resolution of the abductions issue.

The United States and Japan expressed their commitment to continue supporting Mongolia in strengthening its anti-money laundering capability in line with the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force.  All sides underscored their shared desire to deepen their economic partnership, including through enhanced collaboration in the areas of energy development, the digital economy, and cybersecurity.  They also discussed the importance of developing Mongolia’s business climate and ability to attract investment, particularly from the United States and Japan, through improved transparency, predictability, and enforcement.

The United States, Japan, and Mongolia intend to hold the next round of the trilateral meeting in Mongolia.

U.S. Department of State

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