Transatlantic Energy Security

Energy security in Europe has been a longstanding United States strategic priority and is fundamental to national security.  ENR encourages a strong, growing, integrated, diversified, and resilient global energy market that promotes transatlantic energy security for the United States, its allies, and partners.  ENR supports the shared goal of European energy security through the multi-pronged approach of diplomacy, aid dollars, and technical assistance.

Energy Resource Governance

Increasing demand for resource-intense clean energy technologies will require careful stewardship of critical energy resources.  ENR works to ensure that supply chains for the minerals that power renewable technologies remain open and that source countries have the right above-ground conditions to promote transparent mining practices. Through international engagement and technical assistance programs, ENR encourages countries to create an enabling environment that will facilitate U.S. investment, support equitable economic development, and ensure adequate and reliable resources for the rapidly growing clean energy market.

Energy Resource Governance Initiative (ERGI) Fact Sheet [PDF]

Energy Resource Governance Initiative (ERGI) FAQ’s [PDF]

Asia EDGE (Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy)

Asia EDGE is an effort to strengthen energy security and expand affordable and reliable energy access across the Indo-Pacific.  ENR is leading this initiative with the support of seven other U.S. agencies.  It will improve free, fair, and reciprocal energy trading relationships for U.S. exports of all forms of energy and related technologies by expanding public-private partnerships, fostering business-to-business connections, and helping partner governments create open, efficient, rule-based, and transparent energy markets set transparent, market-based, best-value energy policies.  Asia EDGE will also catalyze private capital by partnering with firms and international financial institutions on pooled finance, insurance and risk mitigation, along with commercial advocacy and project development.

Energy Sanctions

Develop, monitor, and implement energy sanctions targeting Russia, Iran, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and other state and non-state actors to ensure energy resource production and trade do not become tools for the projection of malign influence.

Specific guidance related to Russia can be found below:

Energy Cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean

ENR’s work in this region focuses on building an integrated energy market to catalyze regional cooperation and bolster energy security.  Energy in this region has proven to bridge political divides and forge stronger economic ties.  ENR’s diplomatic engagement in the region will further strengthen these regional ties through energy.

Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA)

The Middle East Strategic Alliance (MESA) is a whole-of-government initiative to advance regional stability, security, and prosperity through enhanced multilateral cooperation in the political, economic, energy, and security spheres.  The Alliance recognizes that energy is key to development, progress, and regional security.  ENR leads the energy pillar of MESA, which is focused on energy security, market transparency and efficiency, and infrastructure integration efforts.

Keystone XL Pipeline

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