With generous financial support from U.S. corporations and foundations, the Overseas Schools Advisory Council (OSAC) sponsors an ambitious program for improving the educational programs of American overseas schools. The Council started this program, known as the OSAC Educational Assistance Program, 21 years ago and has continued it to help maintain the high quality of these educational programs in American-sponsored overseas schools.

The OSAC projects cover a variety of subjects that affect the educational programs of American overseas schools including training of teachers, administrators, staff and school boards, developing and updating educational curriculum, developing programs for handicapped and gifted and talented students, and helping students develop leadership skills. In addition, OSAC has developed a number of projects that support and increase the use of educational technologies (computers, CD-ROM, multimedia and telecommunications) to assist these schools prepare their students for the information age.

Since the inception of this program, OSAC has made available copies of these projects to international schools and to interested individuals without charge. Now the Council has decided to make these projects even more widely available to schools around the world including schools in the United States, educators, and the general public by placing the projects on the Department of State’s Internet site.

This is a work in progress. At present, ten projects can be accessed. Projects will continue to be posted on the site as soon as they have been technically readied for posting and downloading. We welcome your comments and suggestions as we develop this site.

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