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Technology Diplomacy

  • Released the State Department Strategic Framework on Artificial Intelligence;
  • Also advanced strategies on digital freedom;
  • Collaborated on supply chain resilience.

Science Diplomacy

  • Strengthened research cooperation with Nordic countries on quantum and with Japan on AI and data science;
  • Initiated Science and Technology Agreement with Taiwan;
  • Supported US bid to win the hosting of international science data;
  • Advanced research integrity protection in U.S. and like-minded countries.

Engagement and Capacity-building

  • Expanded fellowship programs at State Department;
  • Launched Regional Technology Officer initiative;
  • Coordinated S&T in E family through E-STIC;
  • Created the Tech Diplomacy Working Group across the Department;
  • Partnered with academia on broadening talent pipelines;
  • Launched public diplomacy for S&T (Innovation Station community engagement and newsletter, STI DipNotes) especially with the Silicon Valley;
  • Engaged with the National Academy on advanced manufacturing;
  • Participated in international forums such as FMSTAN;
  • Launched the Global Chief Technology Officers CTO Roundtable series.

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