The October 6 Lima Ministerial Meeting on the Los Angeles Declaration convened endorsing countries to discuss successes, opportunities, and next steps in addressing the challenges posed by irregular migration in the Western Hemisphere.  Endorsing countries identified concrete and ambitious commitments to maintain the momentum of the Los Angeles Declaration initiative, presented during the Ninth Summit of the Americas in June 2022.

During the October 6 Ministerial Meeting, the 21 endorsing countries agreed on priority areas for interventions to create conditions for safe, orderly, and humane migration.  Partners agreed to work together to advance the pillars of the Los Angeles Declaration:  1) stability and assistance; 2) legal pathways; 3) humane migration management; and 4) emergency response.  Participants identified key workstreams under the first three pillars of the Los Angeles Declaration that will develop shared lines of policy action.  Countries volunteered to lead the various Action Package Committees, and each endorsing country will participate in at least one Action Package Committee to shape its commitments under the Los Angeles Declaration.

Pillar 1:  Stability and Assistance for Communities

  1. Integration and Support for Host Communities:
    Lead:  Chile
    Participants:  El Salvador, Honduras, Ecuador, Guyana
  1. Temporary Protection and Regularization:
    Lead:  Colombia
    Participants:  Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti
  1. International Financing for Migrant Hosting Countries:
    Lead:  Ecuador
    Participants:  Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Guyana, Peru, United States

Pillar 2:  Regular Pathways for Migration and International Protection

  1. Labor Mobility:
    Lead:  Mexico
    Participants:  Haiti, United States, El Salvador, Guatemala
  1. Investing in Asylum:
    Lead:  Canada
    Participants:  Costa Rica, Haiti
  1. Refugee Resettlement:
    Lead:  Canada and Guyana
    Participants:  Mexico, Uruguay, United States
  1. Family Reunification and Alternative Migration Pathways:
    Lead:  El Salvador
    Participants:  Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala

Pillar 3:  Humane Migration Management

  1. Countering Human Smuggling and Trafficking:
    Lead:  United States
    Participants:  Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala, Paraguay, Panama, Guyana
  1. Return and Reintegration:
    Lead:  Guatemala
    Participants:  Haiti, El Salvador
  1. Aligning Visa and travel Standards:
    Lead:  Paraguay and Peru
    Participants:  United States, Paraguay
  1. Combatting Xenophobia:
    Lead:  Peru
    Participants:  Argentina, Mexico

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