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  1. Watch NATO’s Eastern Flank, analyze political trends in the EU, or research the impact of COVID-19 on European integration with the Office of European Affairs or the Office of Russia and Eurasia (pink).

  2. Help allies and partners maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific, analyze North Korea’s latest actions, or research the dynamics shaping democratic and authoritarian governments across Asia with the Office of East Asia and the Pacific (purple).

  3. Interpret elections in Latin America and provide the Secretary of State and the White House with insights on promoting democracy with the Office of Western Hemisphere Affairs (blue).

  4. Investigate global power competition, resource wealth, and economic potential with the Office of African Affairs.  Develop country expertise, support policymakers, and coordinate with the Africa intelligence community (orange).

  5. Analyze the political-military situation in the Middle Ease with the Office of Strategic Proliferation and Military Issues and brief the Department of State’s most senior leaders (green).

  6. Predict how elections and social movements will shape governments in South Asia with the Office of South Asian or the Office of Opinion Research (yellow).

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