Diagram illustrating the FMFIA Annual Assurance process:

  1. Based on information gathered from knowledge of day-to-day operations; management program reviews; and OIG, GAO, and SIGAR audits; risk assessments; and other management-initiated evaluations, individual Statements of Assurance are provided by Ambassadors assigned overseas and from Assistant Secretaries in Washington, D.C.
  2. In addition, to fulfill the requirements of OMB Circular A-123, Appendix A, the Senior Assessment Team makes an assessment of the adequacy of controls over reporting as of September 30.
  3. The Management Control Steering Committee analyzes program issues reported within the Statements of Assurance, considers the Senior Assessment Team recommendation on reporting issues, and then votes on the severity of the issues and what kind of Statement of Assurance to recommend to the Secretary to sign.
  4. Based on the Management Control Steering Committee’s recommendations, the Secretary of State issues the Department’s Annual Statement of Assurance.

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