Secretary Pompeo's Message to Employees

January 11, 2019

Dear Team,

We all know that the State Department often operates in challenging circumstances around the world. I realize the lapse in appropriations adds even more challenges and complexity, both professionally and personally. But we face a serious humanitarian and security crisis, and the President is working to secure our southern border and bring reforms that will ensure the safety and security of the American people.

I am currently with our team in the Middle East to continue reassuring our strategic partners that the United States’ foreign policy is clear and that we are resolute in using our power as a force for good in the region. This has required a valiant effort throughout the Department and our overseas missions around the world. I am grateful to many of you who have put in long hours of planning and preparation for this trip in the midst of a shutdown.

The Department’s role in the conduct of foreign relations is essential to our national security and remains as critical as ever in keeping Americans safe during this important time. Thanks to your dedication during this lapse, the State Department continues to perform vital functions for the United States around the world.

We are also committed to hosting the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference in Washington, D.C. next week. Bringing together the men and women who lead our overseas diplomatic missions is essential to successfully achieving our unified mission of advancing America’s foreign policy.

During my travels since taking office, I have been privileged to personally thank some of you and your families for your unwavering duty and commitment to service. But I want all of you to know, at home and abroad, I am grateful for everyone’s efforts – those of you who are benched due to the furlough, and those who remain in the office without a paycheck. Your work is important, and I’m honored to be on your team. Your contributions to our country do not go unnoticed.



Mike Pompeo
Secretary of State
United States of America