Important Contractor Information

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Projects over $5 million are subject to the Percy Amendment (22 U.S.C. 302), which gives 10% monetary preference to U.S. firms. Percy Amendment

Projects over $10 million or that include technical security are subject to Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Anti-Terrorism Act of 1986 (22 U.S.C. 4852), required cleared firms and firms that meet the U.S. persons requirement. Omnibus Diplomatic Security Act

List of Design Build and General Contractors - Small Disadvantaged Business Utilization


Cargo Preference Information: Cargo Preference is the reservation, by law, for transportation on U.S.-flag vessels, of all or a portion of all ocean borne cargo, which moves in international trade as a direct result of the Federal Government's involvement.

SF 330

Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance
Based on clarification received from the Department of Labor (DOL), the Department of State is revising DOSAR subpart 628.3 and related clauses and provisions to implement Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance requirements. The revisions will make clear that, for any contracts for services or construction performed abroad, any contractor who employs local and/or third country nationals on such contracts must:

  • Provide compensation benefits against the risk of work injury or death and assume liability toward the employees and their beneficiaries for war-hazard injury, death, capture, or detention as required by the laws of the country in which the performance takes place, or by the laws of the employee's native country, whichever offers greater benefits; or,
  • If contract performance takes place in a country where there are no local workers' compensation laws, the contractor must purchase DBA insurance covering those employees pursuant to the contract between the Department of State and the DBA insurance broker.
  • For more information go to Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Standards Association